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Code of Ethics

Section 1: The following Code of Ethics is attached to and made a part of the CCAA By-Laws.


Section 2: I, as a member of the CCAA, agree to abide by the rules set forth before me on this Code of Ethics and the previously mentioned By-Laws. First and foremost are the welfare of the Cane Corso and the integrity of the Club and its members. I realize that any violation of the Code of Ethics or the By-Laws is grounds for expulsion or suspension from the privileges of the Club.


(A) I will strive to keep the Cane Corso purebred and will not knowingly breed the Cane Corso to any other breed of dog.


(B) I will not knowingly falsify any papers or documents, such as health records and registration papers, vital to the regulations records, show records, or other aspects of the Club.


(C) I will recognize and accept the CCAA as the official breed club of the Cane Corso in the U.S. If breeding a litter, I agree to provide proper paperwork (AKC, ICCF, FCI etc.) in a timely manner, but no longer than 6 months, unless so stated in the purchase contract, and to mark each pet quality pup as limited registration on the puppy registration form.


(D) I will never breed a bitch that is under 18 months of age, or an immature dog that is under 12 months of age.


(E) I will provide adequate food and shelter, proper health care, and companionship for all of my dogs.


(F) I will give the CCAA the first right of refusal should buyer decide to place said dog in a pound or local shelter. The CCAA will make all efforts to protect and find a suitable home for said animal.


(G) I will not sell dogs or puppies to pet shops or dog brokers.


(H) I will not misrepresent my dogs to anyone.


(I) I will always breed as close to the CCAA Standard as possible. I will not breed dogs which have severe faults which would be detrimental to the health and welfare of the breed, including temperament flaws.


(J) I will conduct myself in a sportsmanship manner at all dog shows and functions; and will act as a true representative for the breed and the Club.


(K) I will not be involved in or use my dogs for any illegal activity.


(L) I will not make accusations or try to discredit other breeders, exhibitors or CCAA members to anyone but the CCAA Club Officers directly.


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